About Us: A Positive Philosophy

At LUZURA™, we know that a positive relationship with our clients is the key to successful Staging® and re-design. Our experience has taught us the importance of establishing common goals early on, in order to ensure that the results we deliver are the results you desire.

Sell it fast, Sell it high

There is a tremendous difference in home decorating and the ASP® home Staging LUZURA provides. 94% of ASP staged homes sell on average in 29 days or less.* The ASP staged home spends 83% less time on the market.* The return on investment of staging a home for sale is 586%!**


LUZURA uses accredited, professional, ASP-designated home Staging to prepare your property for the quick sale you desire at the top price you seek. Make the first impression your best impression. Have LUZURA Stage® your home before the first walk-through to energize other Realtors® to show your home to their clients.


Your Space, Your Choice

We always place your wishes first. It is, after all, your space. We have the necessary experience and flexibility to re-design a fresh, new look using what you already own. More importantly, we fit your life so that you can maintain the new look. Make us part of the solution.


We are at your service.