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"A picture is worth a thousand words and now we've given you the ability to search our entire database of Before & After images. Use this tool to find images relating to a specific topics, rooms of the home or common situations found in most Staging Projects. Check out new techniques and design styles by looking at some of the exceptional examples in our Before & After photos sets." -- The World Standard in Staging Education.

LUZURA uses only ASP® home Staging as it has the most successful and strongest evidence-based system available for preparing a property for sale. We don't just "decorate" your home, nor do we fraudulently hide defects. We are professionals. We uncover the potential of your home for buyers to see; we address sellers' security issues; and we have a Code of Ethics Realtors and buyers can trust. 


There are differences between Re-design and Home Staging®. Re-design is personalizing a space to the tastes of the homeowner. Home Staging is de-personalizing a space so the maximum amount of potential buyers can imagine the house as their own. 

Luzura™ re-design allows for having a pleasant home and actually living with our children and pets at the same time. The professional re-designers of Luzura help create an inviting and calm atmosphere. Re-design helps with organization and sensible living. See for yourself, then call us to re-design for you.


Before - living room Nothing is "wrong", but the entrance is blocked and it lacks pizzazz.
After - living room Now, the arrangement is more inviting and unique.

Luzura™ re-design solves many issues that real life presents. Empty nesters may have too much furniture when they downsize or new homeowners may have too little for the space. Newlyweds may be combining two apartments into one shared home. 

After - living room With the new arrangement, it does not look so empty.
Before - Family room Sometimes combining furniture can feel like it's just too much.
After - family room By separating the pieces, we created a new open look --
After - family room problem solved - and a window discovered, too!
Before - mantle You can't see the fireplace behind all the pet's pillows and accessories.
After - mantle The pet's pillows and accessories are all still there, but the mantle is eye-catching now.

Most importantly, we want to be able to live with our diapered and furry family, not relegate them to one room in the house. Trying to live as though a photographer from Architectural Digest™ could appear at any moment is not really living.

Before - living room The architecture of the stairwell is lost.
After - family room Now, the arrangement highlights this feature.
Before - Dining room The big painting would have made the window appear too small and the centerpiece is lost.
After - Dining room Scale matters! Notice how these paintings complement the window and this centerpiece holds its own.
Before - TV room It's just missing something.
After - TV room Small tweaks can make a big difference.
Entrance - before The modern layout had no foyer, no entrance.
After - Foyer So, we created the feel of a foyer.

*Luzura gratefully acknowledges the homeowners that allowed photography of their homes. Thank you.