Our Services: Designing Your Environment

We can assist you with the following:

  • Staging® a seller's home (for a quicker sale at a better price)
  • Incorporating two homes into one (for newlyweds and roommates)
  • Downsizing decor (for empty-nesters with flair)
  • Decorating with pets (assisting pets and people to live in harmony)
  • Furniture selection (how to use what you already own)
  • Color selection (choosing colors that work with your style and the room's purpose)
  • Use of plants (for your personality, capabilities, and pets)
  • Organizing schemes that work (for messies, ADDers, and neat-niks, too)
  • Holiday and special occasion decorating (including set-up and break-down)

We are continually updating these services to keep up with developments in the field and to provide you with the best resources available.

LUZURA offers you a full range of services for all your interior and exterior re-design and home Staging® needs.  With years of experience in both real estate and decorating arenas, we are Fort Lauderdale's paramount re-design and home Staging firm.


LUZURA uses only ASP® home Staging as it has the most successful and strongest evidence-based system available for preparing a property for sale. We don't just "decorate" your home, nor do we fraudulently hide defects. We are professionals. We uncover the potential of your home for buyers to see; we address sellers' security issues; and we have a Code of Ethics Realtors and buyers can trust. 

Rates and Services

for Homeowners and Renters

Luzura uses a sliding scale depending on various factors. Typical prices are shown below:

  • Consultation:  $375 - $425 including a personalized DIY book to address a home's needs, room-by-room staging details, including addressing curb appeal and security issues.
  • Re-design:  between $750 - $1500 are typical prices for half and full days. This includes at least two team members. See below for a better idea of how we determine pricing.
  • ASP® Home Staging:  Proposals usually range between a half percent and one percent (.5% and 1%) of the asking price of the property for a full day of home Staging, including at least two team members. (If your house does not sell, the first drop in price averages between 5 - 20%.) The amount depends on the individual requirements of each property. This includes enhancing curb appeal and addressing certain security issues that are part of selling a home -- not part of the standard re-design packages. This proposed amount is paid prior to commencing service.

GUARANTEE  Another option, available only to those with an active listing with a Realtor® or FSBO agency, is that you may choose our Guarantee option. Prior to commencing service pay only one third (1/3) of the proposal plus a Guarantee fee equal to 10% of the proposal for a full day of home Staging. When you have a signed offer to purchase, pay the remaining two thirds (2/3) of the proposal. If it takes longer than four months, we knock 1/3 of the proposal off; if it takes longer than five months we knock off the last 1/3 and you don't owe us anything more. We take the "risk" out, because we know home Staging by LUZURA works!
Ask for details. Limitations apply.

for Volume Clients and Resellers

  • Real Estate Associates, let us show your clients what needs to be done to get their home sold and let us help them do it. You keep the positive relationship strong and they appreciate the extra effort provided with our professional service. Our home Staging service always includes enhancing curb appeal and addressing certain security issues that are part of selling a home.
  • Pet Boutiques and veterinarians, let us help your clients live in harmony with their pets instead of living in separate rooms.
  • Bridal Boutiques, let us help the new couple combine homes with style--and do so peacefully. We can also decorate for the special occasions surrounding the wedding including the reception, showers, rehearsal dinner, etc.

Please call for specifics and discounted rates.